Retail Customer Management

Start and build a long-term customer relationship

Retail Customer Management

Retail CRM that help you capitalize on the data

Build your customer database, grow repeat business and increase shopper spend with a custom

loyalty program.

Customer Data Management

Customer Grouping

Rewards, Promotions & Benefits

Membership Tiers

Fully Customizable Loyalty Programs

Build the foundation for effective customer engagement

Customers are your business’s most valuable asset. You need a solution that can manage your customer relationships and keep them coming back to your stores.

Customer Profiles

Manage customer profiles in Back Office or POS.

Easily create and save customers details during transactions.

Add customers and input their contact info either directly in POS.

Customer purchase history such as Total Amount Spent, Total Visits etc.

Loyalty Program

Customize your own loyalty rules and settings.

Have customers earn points per visit or a certain amount spent.

View general loyalty reporting and loyalty status of each customer.

Manually edit a customer’s existing number of loyalty points.

Start rewarding your customers in 3 easy steps

Increase sales and customer retention by rewarding customers for repeat business.
Managing a small business has never been easier.

Loyalty Program Customization

Loyalty point and cashback program, or a prepaid credit and package plan.

Enroll Customers In Seconds

Capture and save customer information seamlessly during checkout.

Reward and Delight Them

Simply enter the customer’s phone number at checkout to apply their rewards.

Attract new customers and increase revenue today!

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