Kitchen Display System

Kitchen made easy with Cloud8POS
• Accurate. Efficient.
• Streamline communication and efficiency in both your front-of-house and back-of-house.
• Instant Order Sync
• Color-Coded Orders
• Dynamic Interactive Display
• Preparation Status
• Bump Bars

                  Kitchen Display System

How does Cloud8POSKDS work?

Step 1: Order Incoming

Your waiter enters an order into the POS system.

Step 2:Order Sent

The order appears on the kitchen display.

Step 3:Order Active

Order is marked as 'active' when chefs start preparing the orders.

Step 4:Order Served

The order is served immediately once cooked.

Step 5: Order Upcoming

The next dish will be active when displayed on the screen.

What can you achieve with Cloud8KDS?

Go Paperless

Reduce paper waste in landfills by using digital tickets.

Streamline Orders

Deliver orders straight to the kitchen from your POS.

Direct Communication

Improve communication with a direct line between front and back-of-house.

Systematic Display

Items, quantities, modifiers, item and ticket comments are displayed in one screen.

Smooth Workflow

Quickly move and reroute orders to a different prep station.

Clear Service

No more absentmindedly forgetting orders on those chunky paper rolls.

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