Multi-Outlet Restaurant / Franchise

We help multi-outlet restaurant businesses manage and grow their business while keeping guests coming back

Ensuring your growing outlet retains control and access to critical business data while also respecting the individual needs of each outlet.
Cloud8Pos® can cater to these complexities, with robust multi-store features and inherent customizability that can be tailored to deliver the right solution for your multi-outlets restaurant business.

             Multi-Outlet Restaurant / Franchise

• Enterprise-Grade Features
• User Roles & Permission Controls
• Centralized Inventory Management
• Manage All Outlets At Once
• Purchase Orders & Receiving

• Accessible & Scalable
• User-Friendly & Easy Deployment
• Integrate Easily With Secure & Open API
• From 1 to 1000+ Outlets
• Deploy New Stores Remotely

• Multi-Outlet Analytics
• Powerful Custom Reporting
• Actionable Real-Time Data
• Configure Master Report Structure
• Outlets Performance Comparison

Oversee your chain restaurants from HQ

Cloud8POS® was designed and built as multi-store restaurant management software. We’ve walked in your shoes and felt your pain. We know a store-by-store view of inventory limits your ability to sell and the inability to transfer means unbalanced stock and missed opportunities.

Each business is unique,

how can we help streamline your chain restaurant?
The power of Cloud8POS Restaurant lies in the ability to customize.
We'd like to learn about your restaurant business and tailor a solution that supports your growth strategy.

Manage multiple outlets EASILY

Centralize management tasks and the on-premise experience so your staff can focus their attention on guests.

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