Retail Customer Facing Display

Make things convenient and transparent

Retail Customer Facing Display

Enhance the checkout experience

Show customers exactly what they’re paying for through an interactive customer facing display during checkout.

Better Customer Experience

Smooth Checkout

Offer a display where customers can see their order and total price in real time.

Prevent Disputes

Let your customers see what they’re being charged for to prevent fraud.

Avoid Refunds

Your customers can easily spot mistakes before the checkout is finalized.

More Brand Exposure

Brand Awareness

Boost your business through building a powerful brand recognition in customers.

Extra Revenue

Sell advertising space on the customer display to make extra revenue.

Upselling Opportunities

Showcase ongoing or upcoming store promotions to drive repeat sales.

Bring an all-new dimension to the POS experience that helps your counter service staff & lets customers visually confirm orders.

Personalize your store experience

Promote your brand with a personalized splash screen and display special offers on your recommended products, giving a unique look to your interface and generating more sales for your business.

Detailed Information

Simple Setup

Customizable Interface

Advertisement Panels

Dynamic Display

Upgrade with all kinds of extras

Extend the power of your POS to bring your business forward

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