Transport Management System

Never fall behind on deliveries again

Transport Management System

Plan and manage every delivery precisely

Create order lists, assign deliveries, and track the location of every outbound and inbound delivery.

Detailed Planning

Fulfill customer expectations through effective delivery planning at all times.

Driver Management

Manage hundreds or even thousands of vehicles and drivers simultaneously.

GPS Visualizer

Stay updated on where drivers and shipments are located in real-time.

Expenses Tracking

Track mileages and expenses for the drivers accurately and automatically.

Routing Optimization

Optimize routes to reduce carbon footprint and unnecessary miles.

Proof of Delivery

Recipient names, signatures, and photos are synced and saved confidentially.

Intelligent transport solutions built for your logistic needs

Cloud8PosĀ® transportation management system, Cloud8TMS, is a platform that is designed to streamline the shipping process from warehouse to outlets or between warehouses.

With Cloud8TMS, shippers can automate process control and receive valuable insights to maximize cost efficiency of future shipments.

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