Stationery, Gift and Toy POS Software

Streamline your front and back-office operations and develop and grow your customer base

                Stationery, Gift and Toy POS Software

The all-in-one Toy POS built for you

Keeping track of toy store sales and inventory can be a losing game if it’s not done swiftly and accurately.
The process can be especially tough during store-wide sales or busy toy-buying seasons, particularly if items are missing prices or are part of a special clearance or promotion.
Don’t fold just yet, you can instead ante up on your accuracy with a QubePos® POS System.

Rich set of features for managing your stationery, toy & gift store

Inventory Management


Barcode & Labelling


Discount & Promotions


Invoice Generation

Business Insights


Loyalty Membership

Role Based Security


Multiple Payment Modes

Inventory management & rich reporting

Managing numerous small and large sized items at various locations.
Add high quality pictures of toys and specify their locations.
Generate stock count value, low stock, and out of stock reports.
Easy to use interface allow adding, editing and moving stock.

User access level & security features

Easy to use interface for defining different roles such as manager, cashier, etc.
Define different access level for these roles, and assign to users of the system.

Intuitive & user friendly POS

Intuitive & user friendly POS
All of your stock items are shown with pictures in the form of touch screen buttons.
Select items by pressing these buttons, scanning barcode, or by typing the name of the tem.
Intuitive user interface of the software allows adding or deleting items with ease.

Promotions management to attract customers

Promotions management to attract customers
Choose from a variety of discounts, such as by item or category, discount type or time restrictions.
% or RM discount, any # for RMX, buy A get B half price, spend over RMX and get Y% off selected items, ‘ladder’ deals, and ‘kit’ discounts for grouped products.

Easy to use interface for defining different roles such as manager, cashier, etc.
Define different access level for these roles, and assign to users of the system.

The toy store POS built for you

No more double data entry.

Think of the time you’ll save when you can enter information in one place and your POS, website, and marketing tools all update at the same time.

Why do clothing retailers switch to Cloud8Pos®?

Product Management

Organize your products with images, prices, and key variations such as colour, style, material or size.

Stock Take & Transfer

Stock-take within minutes. Restock your shop and transfer products between stores without hassle.

Barcode & Print Labels

Manage barcodes to products and print labels. Scan barcodes to add products to customers' carts.

Product Variations

Show colour and size column for the same clothing.

Price Difference

Input different prices for different size or colour.

Promotions & Discounts

Set up promotions and discounts to attract new customers.

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