Apparel Management System

Smart solution to manage inventory, customers and pricing for all sizes, colors and styles

                            Apparel Management System

Well-tailored for your apparel stores

Whether you have a small brick and mortar store, or a chain boutique store, is a seller at a trade show or a flea market our software provides ease of running your clothing store and access to information from anywhere, anytime.

Keep the hottest styles on your shelves

Having a robust inventory management system is critical to the success of your clothing store

Replenish Stocks Easily

Assort into Colors, Sizes & Materials

Manage Fashion Vendors Efficiently

Assign Individual Clothing based on SKU

Increase Overall Sales

Claim your share in the global fashion industry

Manage your clothing & apparel store better with an apparel management system. Always stock up in time for every size, color, and design.

Work Order Planning

Warehouse Integration

Mall Integration

Inventory Management

Product Variation

Centralized System

Metrics & Reporting

Inter-Store Transfer

Store Promotion

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Why do clothing retailers switch to Cloud8PosĀ®?

Product Management

Organize your products with images, prices, and key variations such as colour, style, material or size.

Stock Take & Transfer

Stock-take within minutes. Restock your shop and transfer products between stores without hassle.

Barcode & Print Labels

Manage barcodes to products and print labels. Scan barcodes to add products to customers' carts.

Product Variations

Show colour and size column for the same clothing.

Price Difference

Input different prices for different size or colour.

Promotions & Discounts

Set up promotions and discounts to attract new customers.

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