Cloud8Pos® Retail Features Summary

Cloud8Pos® Retail Features Summary

Point of Sale

Customizable Interface

Customize the layout, product description, options, tax rules, receipt, categories, and more.

Physical or Digital Receipts

Give your customers the option to go green or keep it old school with printed receipts.

Data Security

Store all your data safely in a local drive so you can access it anytime with or without Wi-Fi.

Payment Options

Cash, credit, or eWallet payment options for your customers.

Deals & Discounts

Apply one or more deals or discounts to selected items.

Return & Refunds

Choose which item to return or refund from a single receipt.

Item Attributes

Categorize items by attributes for an easier overview.

Cash Flow Management

Keep an eye on the cash flow to prevent theft and discrepancies.

Offline Mode

Continue selling even if you have an unstable internet connection. Your data will be automatically saved and synced once the connection is back.

Weight Barcodes

Key in the weight of each item in the barcodes so it will show up every time it’s scanned.

Contactless Payment

Go cashless with contactless payments like eWallet, credit, and debit.

POS Audit Trail

Identify anomalies in ringing sales, timekeeping irregularities, and aid in theft prevention.

Customer Experience

Customer Profiles

Create unique customer profiles based on different attributes for quick identification the next time they check out.

Customer Purchase History

See what they have bought in the past so you can learn their buying behavior for targeted marketing.

Customer Facing Display

Show customers what they are paying for as you ring them up to allow them to spot any mistakes immediately.

Membership & Loyalty Program

Incentivize your customers to keep coming back with a loyalty program that rewards them for spending each time.

Self-Checkout Kiosk

Set up self-service kiosks to maximize space and streamline the ordering process while cutting down on staff.

Staff Management

Time Clock

Employees clock in and out to record the hours they worked.

Employee Reports

See which employee is performing and which is not with employee reports.

Employee Permissions

Control each employee’s access to limit the number of people who can access the stock for security purposes.

End-Of-Day Reports

Check how your restaurant perform each day using end-of-day reports automatically generated at the end of every day.

Time-Shift Management

Plan and schedule shifts for all employees.

Sales per Employee

Delve into each employee report to see how much sales each of them made.

Reporting and Analytics

Sales Trend

Get insights of daily, weekly, and monthly sales trends to not miss opportunities.

Identify Bestsellers

See which items sell out the fastest to help identify your top-selling items.

Cost Reporting

Get a summary of total expenditures and taxes to help with budget planning?

Real-Time Data

All your data are in real-time and easily accessible so that you can access it at any time.

User Report

Generate user reports to see how much sales were made during each shift.

Mall Accounting Integration

Automatically synchronize sales reports to the mall accounting system at the end of every day.

Mobile Live Reporting

Access live reports of all your data on your mobile phone anytime you need.

Cash Flow

Daily cash flow reporting including cash drawer activities for theft and fraud prevention.

Multi-Store Management

Outlet Management

Manage all your outlets in one centralized system from one location.

Centralized Data Management

Synchronize data for all outlets from one main control panel for an easy overview of your business.

Centralized Purchasing

Purchase new stock for all your locations at once and redistribute it as you wish.

Internal Stock Transfer

Transfer stock between outlets to reduce waste and prevent over-purchasing.

Multi-Store Reports

Generate consolidated reports to learn if your business is performing well for every outlet.

Access Control

Limit and control access for all employees according to their roles for enhanced security.

Track Inventory

Know the inventory movement in all your outlets to optimize operations.


Accounting Software

Post transactions, customer records, daily totals, and other data to your accounting system.

Integrated Payment

Integrated payment method includes most card schemes and e-wallets.

Mall Management Integration

Automated real-time or daily sales submission to the shopping mall.

Hardware and Peripherals

Printers, terminals, cash drawers – we have it all covered for you.

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