POS software for Gadget and Accessories store

Stay on top of stock control, manage multiple outlets and make smarter decisions with real-time reporting.

                  POS software for Gadget and Accessories store

Every gadget store has different needs,

We are here to serve them

Owning a gadget & accessories store requires tracking cell phone purchases (with serial numbers), phone case purchases, computer purchases, and sales tax.

We can even handle repairs using suspended sales so you can track your services

Taking POS beyond the transaction

Manage thousands of codes, suppliers and categories through a friendly and easy-to-use environment.
Serve your customers faster and with no mistakes using the Barcode scanner and fast-moving products at the checkout counter.

Customer-centric features

Create customer profiles and start building relationships with your customers.
Your customers' statistics and buying trends are automatically created during their purchases.
A reward collection program makes your customers feel like they are dealing with a big

Reveal well-hidden secrets

Automatically create custom drafts to your suppliers based on sales in recent days.
Learn with accuracy, turnover, profit and GST and the value of the inventory at all times.

Great business start with better management software
Includes full access to support and free guidance to get you started.
No commitment, no credit card required.

The software and hardware to meet the need

Touchscreen monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, and POS software to streamline operations, manage inventory, set up a customer loyalty program, and many more.

Installation, Training, and Support

Every Cloud8POSnĀ® POS system comes with professional installation, comprehensive training, and 24/7 in-house support to ensure a flawless setup.

The gadget store POS built for you

No monthly fees. Lifetime license.

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